2D Carpet Cleaning is a local company providing a professional service around the Exeter area.
2D Carpet Cleaning is a local company providing a professional service around the Exeter area.

2D offers top of the range protection treatments from ScotchGard

ScotchGard is the top branded protection treatment in the UK and is used by the majority of the biggest carpet and upholstery manufacturers to ensure that their products have the best protection for their customers.


ScotchGard is a robust protection treatment and if your carpets have been treated during manufacture then the protection will remain in the carpets for a period of time and will probably survive the first time you get your carpets cleaned. We would recommend that if you are getting your carpets cleaned, you also get them re-protected. 


We can re-spray all of your carpets and upholstery items to ensure they are fully protected after we have completed cleaning. This will ensure that they are completely protected from the majority of stains and spills! 


We often get asked what ScotchGard does and why it is important....


1. It Repels: Stains stay on the surface


2. It Resists: Dirt won't adhere to the surface


3. It Protects: It provides deep protection from the top to the bottom of each carpet fibre


In laymans terms, this means that with ScotchGard in your carpet, any spills will remain on the outside of the carpet fibres rather than soaking in to the pile. This makes it easier for you to clean the carpet using water and a cloth to blot away the spill and should provide great results every time!


We believe that protecting your carpets shouldn't break the bank and whilst a lot of our competitors charge more for protection than for cleaning, we currently offer ScotchGard treatments on special offer for £10 per room (£15 for an extra large room), and £10 per upholstery item.


Let us give you peace of mind and protect your carpets next time we visit! 







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