2D Carpet Cleaning is a local company providing a professional service around the Exeter area.
2D Carpet Cleaning is a local company providing a professional service around the Exeter area.

Trained to an exceptionally high level in Carpet Cleaning and Carpet and Fabric Care consultancy by the Cleansmart Training Academy, we provide a very high level of service at a very reasonable price. 

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning 

Your Upholstery and soft furnishings are delicate items and need to be cleaned with skill. This takes time, and knowledge about fabrics and how best to clean them. We have some amazing special offers so please call us for a quote! 


Hard Tile & Vinyl Floor Deep Clean 

In addition to having your carpets cleaned, why not ensure all of your hard floors get the same treatment. We can deep clean all tile and grout floors and vinyl floors as well, to complete the whole of your house clean to the same standard.

Curtains, Rugs & Soft Furnishings

Looking for a full Spring Clean at any time of the year? We offer a complete cleaning service for all of your Rugs, Curtains and any other fabric items you want cleaned. We've even done Car and boat interior valets.


Professional Carpet Cleaning

At the Core of our business we offer a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for the local communities around the Exeter Area. We specialise in Carpet and Fabric Care and our Point of difference is our focus on identifying and caring for the specific fabrics that make up your Carpets and Upholstery. Through this method we can provide the highest levels of care and ensure your Fabrics stay at their best. We have some great special offers on Full House Carpet Cleaning so please call us for a quote! 

Complete End of Tenancy Cleaning 

We provide professional cleaning services for Estate Agents and tenants to support you at the end of your tenancy. If you need your carpets to be professionally cleaned as part of your end of tenancy cleaning, we can provide you with professional carpet cleaning at the best prices possible as well as full house cleaning. We do all of this for some amazing fixed prices!

Pet Stain & Odour Removal

We all love our Pets! They do sometimes cause a mess though and thats where we come in. We employ the latest techniques and knowledge to get rid of stains caused by your Pets and also specialise in getting Pet hair out of your Carpets. Pets can also cause grease build up on on your Upholstery which can be removed with thorough cleaning.



Flood Recovery Assistance

Flooded and need emergency help to clean up? Give us a call, and hopefully we can help. Our Carpet and Hard floor cleaning machines have powerful vacuums that are capable of sucking out large volumes of water very quickly. We can help to dry out and clean your property.


Mattress Deep Cleaning

Mattresses can cost you a lot of money, so why replace them when you can have them cleaned? We can remove marks and stains and give your mattress a very effective deep clean that will remove bacteria and dust from the mattress fabric.



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